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The world's first fully decentralized investment platform

CurrencyUS Dollar ($)Ethereum (ETH) Token (PCO)
1 Bitcoin (BTC)$5,968.0000019.74188 ETH3,948.37580 PCO
1 Ethereum (ETH)$303.345001.00000 ETH200.00000 PCO
1 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)$326.142001.07886 ETH215.77260 PCO
1 Litecoin (LTC)$59.952500.19832 ETH39.66400 PCO
1 Euro (EUR)$1.178060.00388 ETH0.77680 PCO
1 US Dollar (USD)$1.000000.00330 ETH0.65940 PCO
1 Swiss Franc (CHF)$1.016100.00335 ETH0.67000 PCO
1 Japanese Yen (JPY)$0.008810.00003 ETH0.00580 PCO

Pecun LogoPecun Logo

What is

The world of covers the whole lifecycle of Blockchain innovation, from Angel & Venture Capital Investments, to Initial Coin Offerings, to exchange traded currencies and tokens. The leverage for’s early bird investors is much higher than with any other existing investment solution.

Therefore, we are actively scanning the market for blockchain start-ups with unique value proposition and high growth potential. We use our proprietary scoring and due diligence process and our team’s expertise in the field of alternative investments to find the best talent and technologies. With our long-standing marketing and legal experience, we multiply the chances for a successful ICO. For this valuable service, receives a significant profit share of the ICO proceeds.

Our tokenholders will benefit in every stage, from very early on.’s tokens receive proceeds from three sources: The management-, the performance-, and the ICO fees. will earn millions of commission earnings in a very short timeframe, making it a true blue chip investment for its token holders.

In the old economy, elite capitalists have monopolized such investment opportunities, leaving the public behind closed doors. democratizes blockchain investments, now everyone can join.

Unlike traditional Angel & VC investments, token holders can sell at any time. Bringing liquidity to Angel & VC investments is the most significant innovation over recent decades.

Our funds products

Pecun Logo Cryptocurrency Fund (PCC) Cryptocurrency Fund is a diverse portfolio of crypto coins and tokens. PCC is restricted to blockchain assets, which are already exchange traded (e.g. 1st Bitcoin, 2nd generation altcoins like Ether, Ripple, Litecoin and 3rd generation asset tokens like EOS, Tether and Gnosis).

PCC will be managed and (re)allocated based on managerial discretion, but also framed by a determined set of rules and will therefore profit from our principals hedge-fund experience. Therefore, PCCs will bring the potential to outperform market developments. Investors will benefit from managerial expertise, careful pre-selection and reallocation of included tokens, broad diversification and ongoing risk management.

Pecun Logo Initial Coin Offering Fund (PICO) ICO Fund targets blockchain companies in their pre-ICO and ICO phase.

PICO Fund is restricted to blockchain companies which have a minimum viable product, which prepare for an ICO event.

Our management team will apply extensive due diligence to filter weak market propositions, mediocre teams and potential scams from the long list. From the short list on, we work closely with our target investments, helping them to conduct an optimal lCO launch.

Investors in PICO will benefit from our industry links and our investigative strengths to uncover potential scam schemes before any financial loss occurs.

Pecun Logo Angel & Venture Fund (PAV)

In addition to the broader market offerings, will launch a fund dedicated to Angel & Venture investments in the blockchain space. This dedicated fund is aimed at exceptionally high performance – targeting a multiplication of capital.

A team of experts, supported by selected external industry advisors, will actively manage PAV. This team will continually scout early investment opportunities. Through this handpicked fund offering, everybody can be an Angel & Venture Capital investor, without any entry or capital requirements. In order to avoid capital dilution and over-subscription, the fund offering will be by invitation only. ICO investors will be invited to join the Angel & Venture Fund.

The market opportunity

Within the last 30 months, the ICO market grew from a mere 14 million US $ to a whopping 2.6 billion US $. With its unique value proposition, is expected to capture a significant market share in overall ICO proceeds.

Why us

Easy Access opens an exclusive investment universe.

Our fund offerings are easily accessible, highly secure and perfectly affordable for everybody. All our products are tokenized, which provides instant liquidity for all investors. Our target investments are exclusively blockchain investments.

Safety and Security

Due diligence and portfolio diversification mitigates market, fraud and operational risks

All the funds in our fund universe will profit from our managerial expertise, strong industry links and our proprietary risk management systems. We put strong emphasis on our due diligence function, identifying possible red flags and spotting potential ICO scams.

We put high emphasis on wallet security and investor protection. We use cold storage and multisig wallets, to keep our investor's assets safe.

Instant Liquidity

Tokenizing our blockchain portfolios brings instant liquidity.

Technically, we utilize an Ethereum-based platform of asset tokens (PCC, PICO, PAV) to bring instant liquidity in an otherwise highly illiquid market. With a VC or hedge fund in the old economy, people are stuck with their investments, in most cases for 3-5 years. With everybody is able to buy and sell fund tokens instantaneously.


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